About Me

I’m a student filmmaker and photographer, studying an undergraduate degree in Visual Arts, majoring in Film and Animation at The Australian National University in Canberra, Australia.

Year 12 final submission - One of Three photo-manipulation works (HyperVision Winner)

Year 12 final submission - One of Three photo-manipulation works
(HyperVision Winner)

I started off exploring the world of photography in the later years of high school. Using it to build on my photo manipulation skills with photoshop, creating surreal imagery with the photos that I took. After saving up to buy my first DSLR I started to really get into photography and experiment with a lot of long exposures and panoramas (a lot of crappy panoramas). This was the foundation of my photography works, a few I liked, a lot were terrible.

In the final year of high school, along with my brother, we filmed a “hype up” style video for our schools rowing team for Perth’s Head of the River. This short video was the start of my videography career, that I quickly postponed to do 1.5 years of a computer science degree that I didn’t like. Finally realising that job security isn’t everything and transferring into my current Visual Arts degree.

Since then I have gone on to create and be part of a number of videos for the student media platform Woroni. These include short documentaries, short films, vox-pop journalism and even a web series, fulfilling the main rolls of cinematographer, camera operator and producer.

Freelance work includes event photography and videography for the AYAA Areospace Futures 2018 conference, UniLodge @ ANU property and real-estate photography, Commercial headshots and portraits, as well as cinematographer for Millie Haye’s winning short film The Third Wheel (Canberra Times article)